Our premier services include Innovative Intergenerational trauma prevention, effective treatment & recovery solutions. Our philosophy is:  I can't but we can!  Our Formula:

 Wellness = Illness - I + We

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Supported by generous donations from real people, just like you, our team works tirelessly developing programs that result in meaningful change. And that change is what leads step by step into a brighter future.

Our Work

Living Bridges Across the Life Span

Strengthen and Integrate the Allied Behavioral Health Workforce.

We specialize in helping to build human capacity to integrate recovery support services within the public and private health care systems.  We facilitate cross cultural collaboration and foster healing in communities we serve by building bridges to fill gaps in access and care coordination to help deliver quality services. 

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We create and promote trust & hope to facilitate and foster improved health outcomes for individuals, families, vulnerable populations and communities in clinical and non clinical settings.
Collaboration is key. 

The Power to Effect Change

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Primary Peer Prevention Programs

Enhance and Improve Quality of Education and Services offered where you are.​

Reflective Radical Recovery

Help Improve Overall Well Being & Health Outcomes of those in need with a desire to recover.

Transitional Treatment with Technology

Educate, Credential and Support Individuals in a variety of health care, clinical ambulatory and community based settings.​

Integrate and implement evidence based trauma-informed approaches in health care, wellness programs & service delivery.  We collaborate with multidiciplinary teams to support recovery efforts via allied behavioral health services.  We are the evidence in evidence-based!

Helping to MAKe A DIFFERENCE IN Homes, COMMUNITY and the world