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Our volunteers come from all walks of life, and put their individual experience and expertise to work for the greater good. By virtue of the collective lived experiences we truly understand that the moment the organic unity or belief and behavior is traumatized, broken or damaged in any form, individuals are incapable of living out the full humanity for which they were created.

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Please know each dollar you give supports our efforts to make a real and meaningful difference. The resources you provide allow us to grow, remain active and signal to other supporters that we’re all in this together. Whether you’re an individual or a business, we’re grateful for any amount you can give, no matter the amount. Your give is tax deductible.

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A One Time Gift of any amount will help us help others and the most vulnerable among us gain access to treatment and community support services that are needed to help them recovertheir lives and support the efforts of exiting providers of healthcare, demonstrate that prevention works, treatment is effective and recovery is possible. Giving will help make a tremendous difference and of itself has the power to help heal as it reflectsthe outgoing and inflowing cycle of life. You will gain access to reports that willinform you onthe impact your gifts are making in the community.