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We are the Evidence in “Evidence Based”
Our Vision is Realistic

Reduce the negative impact of mental illness, and substance abuse (co-occurring disorders) on individuals & families affected by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) http://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/acestudy/  And to help close systemic gaps in behavioral health disparities by improving access and engagement in quality integrated health care services enhanced by allied community supports to foster individual and family efforts to thrive, participate and contribute to healthy communities.

Building on past successes and strategy we have a solid foundation. Join us and become stronger, effective and efficient together.

About Us
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We are looking to collaborate with individuals and organizations to foster integration of trauma informed approaches in Health Care Systems, Community Based Treatment Facilities, Schools, Court Diversion Programs, Faith Based Programs and Communities and Hospitals to bridge gaps in access, care coordination, and service quality.

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  • Build capacity via alliances with Health Care Professionals
  • Deliver premier allied behavioral health, supplemental and support services 
  • Fill gaps and develop vital living bridges that foster recovery of life for individuals & families

Our Mission is Simple

Our Vision
Utilize the governance of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACT) with the new healthcare reform laws to offer premier allied behavioral health supports via trauma informed care and approaches that complement traditional mental health and substance use and or abuse treatment modalities. By virtue of our lived experience we understand that the moment the organic unity of belief and behavior is broken, traumatized or damaged in any way people are incapable of living out the full humanity for which they were created.


Reasons To Hope Foundation was established to help provide recovery supports to address healthcare disparities among vulnerable populations. We have identified a tremendous need for integration of culturally competent trauma informed approaches that are recovery oriented and strengths based in the District of Columbia Systems of Care.

With our growing base of dedicated professionals, volunteers, advocates and certified peer specialist, community partners and financial support from individuals like you we are able to realize our vision and implement the mission together.

​​Our History
Reasons to Hope Foundation (RTHF) was established by members of the Peer Specialist Certification Planning Work Group (PSPWG) of 2009. The work group comprised of the Office of Strategic Planning, Policy and Evaluation, Appalachian Consulting Group and Peer Services for Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. One member of the working group Michelle Jackson, BHS and consultant enrolled into the 2011 Inaugural class with several other persons with lived experience and empirical knowledge to pilot the new program. With help and support from the District of Columbia Department of Mental Health's Office of Consumer and Family Affairs, Policy Support Division and many dedicated DMH Employees the founders graduated from the Certified Peer Specialist Training Program as change agents to help meet the needs in the community and fill systemic gaps that perpetuate recidivism.

Our Values
We value each persons life. Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS) are subject matter experts in public education, health care and criminal justice systems navigation! CPSS are a viable key resource needed to bring recovery supports to scale in the ever-changing landscape of healthcare. In this 27th year of Recovery Month Celebrations we endeavor to utilize our unique but similar lived experiences to instill HOPE in others seeking recovery of life with appropriate culturally competent treatment and recovery  support in community support services.

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